QUESTION:    Do you have to be a construction professional in order to write a review?

Answer:   Yes, you must either be making a living in the construction industry or have retired from the industry.


QUESTION:   Can I read the reviews if I am not a constructional professional?

Answer:  Yes as a non- construction professional you have read only access to the site.


QUESTION:  Is there a fee for using ELM SCOREBOARD

Answer:   No, at the present time no fees are required for using ELM SCOREBOARD.


QUESTION:  If I write a review must it be based on my actual experience or can it be based on something I have heard or a rumor that is going around?

Answer: Your review must be based on your own actual experience or from something you have seen with your own eyes or have been a witness to.


QUESTION:   May I write a review and include some written matter by a third party?

Answer:  You may include some previously published material in your review as long as you have not violated any copy write laws and that you use the material as a backup for your own personal experience, which is what the review must be based on?


QUESTION: Am I permitted to write a review about myself or with a company or organization that I am involved in.

Answer:   No, you are not permitted to write a review about yourself or with any company or organization in which you are connected or associated with in any way.


QUESTION:   How strong can I be in my review?

Answer:  ELM SCOREBOARD is not a place for rants and reviews.  We welcome honest reviews without any hyperbole.  This site is interested in showcasing the very best in the industry.  No personal grudges or political rhetoric.  We are believers in freedom of speech, but beware of the legal consequences if you post false information.


QUESTION:  Can I write a review without registering for ELM SCOREBOARD?

Answer:   No you must register in order to write a review.


QUESTION:      Do reviews ever get removed?

Answer:           Our support team can remove reviews that violate our Terms & Conditions or our Privacy Policy or if the reviewer was found not to be a Construction Professional.


 QUESTION:   Does ELM SCOREBOARD recommend reviews

Answer:    ELM SCOREBOARD does not recommend reviews.


QUESTION:    Does ELM SCOREBOARD mind if I receive something for free or at a discount in exchange for my review?

 Answer:    No, but you must prominently display in your review what you received for free or at a discount in exchange for writing your review.


QUESTION:   Are reviews placed in any particular order?

 Answer:     No.


QUESTION:    Is ELM SCOREBOARD restricted to any geographical area?

Answer:     ELM SCOREBOARD will accept reviews from any geographical area in the world.  The review must be in English.


QUESTION:    Are the reviews in ELM SCOREBOARD real or has the site been seeded with false reviews so as to make the site appear to be very popular?

Answer:    We understand that certain sites that contain reviews seed their sites with false reviews because they believe nobody wants to be first.  ELM SCOREBOARD does not seed its site with false reviews.   It is our position we would rather see the site grow at a slower rate than bombardment seeding would produce because in the end the really best in the industry will shine on its pages.

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