SCOREBOARD is the place where CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS review and grade anyone and everyone involved in the business of construction.  If you make a living in construction, if you are an architect, engineer, contractor, journeyman, administrative assistant, any of the other industry specialties in the industry your professional appraisals are welcome here.  The goal of SCOREBOARD is to make the construction industry a safer, more profitable place to do business in.

You can give credit to that architect or engineer who produced an excellent set of working drawings.  Or if you are an architect or engineer you can praise the contractor or subcontractors who turned your specifications and drawings into reality with professionalism.  Where contractors can grade the fair and reasonableness of owners or the professionalism of other contractors.  Where Construction Managers can grade and evaluate contractors or where they can be graded and evaluated by these very same contractors.  Where journeymen, foremen and superintendents can grade not only their own companies but all the individuals or companies involved in their projects.  The list goes on and on, the idea is to give credit where it is due and to let others know where to tread lightly.  It is not a place for rants and raves but it is a place to state the facts by first hand experiences.

SCOREBOARD is a great place to look for recommendations by the very pros who build our world as well as a place to think about the conspicuous absence of any entity that has not made the list.

SCOREBOARD making a better industry.

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